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Since our foundation in 2004, Carlezzo Advogados has guided its legal activities to demands and problems connected to the sports market.

Our activity in the sports market encompasses the entire sports chain, starting from the disciplinary aspects essential to a sports competition, going through player transfers and reaching complex corporate matters, such as the transformation of football cubes into a company.

During this period it was possible for the firm to accumulate knowledge and enormous practical experience, making it possible for us to deliver services of international excellence, with wide recognition in the sports market.

This is because we treat the sports environment from a strictly professional perspective, applying all the rules and premises in force in the corporate environment.

Considering that specialization in legal issues related to sport has become a fundamental assumption in order to give legal security to sports relations, Carlezzo Advogados has the necessary experience to advise either small and large operations, since transfers of athletes until complex procedures before international courts, such as FIFA and Court of Arbitration for Sport.

Aware that the sports law faces constant changes, either in national and international terms, we remain constantly updated to the legal changes and, above all, to the business tendencies of the sports market, always aiming to add value to our clients' businesses.

Therefore, Carlezzo Advogados, much more than a law firm, aims to be a legal support in decision-making in the sports-business environment, helping its clients to enhance their activities and obtain as much as possible legal certainty in their operations.

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