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In recent years, the exponential growth of electronic sports, also known as e-sports, has created a new and multimillion-dollar global market, which not only attracts the attention of a huge number of spectators and investors, but also draws attention due to the impressive prospects related to its development.

Considering the intrinsic connection that exists between traditional sports and electronic sports, especially in the corporate and competition aspects, Carlezzo Advogados is positioned as one of the legal experts in the e-sports market, based on its vast experience in the sport.

Electronic sports have received special attention from the firm, which, in attention to the trends of the consumer market and, especially, of the new generations, has specialized professionals providing legal advice to a wide range of transactions in this industry, ranging from competitions issues to merger and acquisition transactions for e-sports teams.

Brazil, due to the size of its consumer market, is positioned in the global market with great prominence in this industry, being the focus of all the big companies that are involved with e-sports. 

In this sense, Carlezzo Advogados is the right destination when looking for legal certainty and practical knowledge for the intended transactions.

Similar to traditional sports, e-sports are also organized from an international perspective based on rules and regulations that, in addition to being specific, are constantly updated and revised, making it imperative to count with a deep and specialized knowledge in the conduction of these matters.

In this scenario, taking advantage of the great expertise accumulated since our foundation in 2004, amplified by an intense and proven performance in the international sports scene, Carlezzo Advogados offers its clients the following services related to electronic sports:

  • Legal advice on the drafting of work contract and image rights agreements between athletes and e-sports teams;
  • Legal advice in the drafting of contracts for transfers of athletes, either between Brazilian teams and between teams from different countries;
  • Drafting of agency and intermediation contracts related to the transfer of an athlete;
  • Drafting of sponsorship contracts, equipment supply, broadcasting rights, streaming, brand licensing and business partnerships;
  • Negotiation and structuring of corporate partnerships between teams, companies and investors;
  • Structuring and corporate reorganization of e-sports teams, in order to find the model that best meets market demands and our client’s expectations;
  • Legal advice and strategic planning to create new teams, in order to adapt them to legal requirements and to the nature of the market;
  • Legal advice on mergers and acquisitions of e-sports teams;
  • Assistance to investors and companies in order to identify the best business opportunities in the Brazilian electronic sports market;
  • Assistance to teams and companies in attracting investments, both in Brazil and abroad;
  • Legal advice to “publishers” and regulatory entities regarding the drafting of regulations and competition rules;
  • Legal advice in the organization of events, competitions and e-sports leagues;
  • Judicial representation and filing of claims before the competent authorities.

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