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Sports practice and organization, in all senses and aspects, are constantly evolving due to its wide interaction with technological and digital processes.

The evolution that we have access every day and the new businesses that are created using technological tools or digital media bring a new face to the traditional sport, a new format, starting a transformation process that can be positive or negative to those involved, depending on the degree of organization, professionalism and preparation.

All of this was accelerated by the pandemic caused by Covid-19, which amplified the importance of using digital media in people's daily lives. And, of course, the sports industry was also affected.

For reasons like these investors and entrepreneurs, who intend to monetize their technological and digital tools in sport, must be prepared and advised by professionals who understand the challenges and trends of this business, and, most important, are able to provide specialized legal advice.

That is where we come into this context.

This integration between sport, technology and digital media receives special attention from the firm, considering our extensive experience in commercial transactions in sport.

Startups, innovative companies, companies focused on technological development and who have their DNA in sport find in Carlezzo Advogados the ideal partner for the security of their business.

Due to the dynamics of this market, such companies live with a high level of risk and legal and market uncertainty, which is why they demand legal professionals able to identify, assess and minimize the existing risks through the advice and development of specific instruments that make the activity safe without reducing flexibility.

In this scenario, taking advantage of the great expertise focused with a pro-deal approach, Carlezzo Advogados offers the following services to startups and innovation and technology companies:

  • Risk and prospective assessment of operations in the sports market;
  • Assistance in setting up companies;
  • Advice on commercial and image rights contracts in the sports market;
  • Elaboration of corporate arrangements that meet the client's needs, such as articles of incorporation, statutes, pre-constitution agreements, shareholder agreements (lock-up, shotgun, drag along, tag along, full ratchet etc);
  • Interlocution, negotiation and attracting investments in Brazil and abroad;
  • Negotiation and structuring of corporate partnerships with other companies, both in Brazil or abroad;
  • Advice and dialogue with large auditing companies, for auditing and valuation purposes;
  • Advice on merger and acquisition operations;
  • Protection of intellectual property.

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