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Legal security is a fundamental premise when planning and structuring our clients' investments.

The sports market is constantly changing and new technologies are constantly changing the way the sport are practiced on the field and is watched by consumers.

The new way to “consume” sport opens new perspectives for companies to interact with the market, which, combined with new technologies, create great business opportunities for everyone involved in the sport chain.

As a result, this rapid and unstoppable development translates into a new business environment with great investment opportunities, both locally and globally.

Considering the size and strength of the Brazilian consumer market, we advise clients on prospecting for investment opportunities and we have financial advisors that are our partners in the planning of these projects.

From our office in Chile, we are equally able to advise clients interested in investing in the Chilean market.

Carlezzo Advogados is fully connected to the sports industry, electronic sports and sports betting, being able to advise on transactions such as:

  • Planning and structuring investment operations
  • Risk assessment and due diligence
  • Representation and dialogue with investors, either in Brazil and abroad
  • Use of financial instruments or capital markets to raise funds
  • Structuring of investment funds
  • Assistance in the issue of debentures
  • Assistance in the creation of companies, either in Brazil and abroad


Eduardo Carlezzo

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