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With the beginning of the legalizing of the sports betting market in Brazil, which took place in December 2018, through Law no. 13.756, the country has definitely entered the radar of all the major international companies involved in the betting industry, considering the prediction that Brazil will become one of the main markets in the world for companies in this sector.

Sports betting has a close relationship with the sports market and that is why Carlezzo Advogados is in a privileged position to provide a qualified consultancy that has, on the one hand, a broad understanding of the functioning of the sports industry, and on the other, understand the mechanics of the betting industry, each with well-defined specificities, but both converge when it comes to sports competition.

Without sports competition there are no bets and this was very clear during the Covid-19 crisis. These are markets that go together.

The sports betting industry takes its first steps in Brazil towards full legalization, which still depends on future state regulation so that interested operators can submit their application for a license.

In this sense, we serve several foreign companies that operate in the betting chain, whether they are operators or service providers, aiming to establish themselves in Brazil.

Our firm maintains permanent contact with the international gaming industry and has strategic partnerships with law firms based in the main jurisdictions of this industry, which enables us to serve the interests of our clients globally.

In view of this and considering the great expertise that Carlezzo Advogados has in the sports and entertainment segment, we are able to offer the following services to the gaming industry:

  • Constant updates on the debates of the Brazilian authorities regarding the regulation of the games industry;
  • Representation of the interests of companies and presentation of proposals to the Brazilian authorities regarding the drafting of administrative rules that will regulate sports betting activities and games in general;
  • Preparation and presentation of documentation required by law to obtain an operating license in the country;
  • Full advice to companies on operations in Brazil and other legal implications;
  • Company creation;
  • Advice on commercial, financial and technological transactions;
  • Assistance to financial service providers and payment facilitating companies;
  • Structuring of legal strategy aimed to establish business in Brazil;
  • Advice on sponsorship contracts between football clubs and the sports market in general;
  • Advice on all commercial contracts between operators in the gaming industry and their suppliers;
  • Structuring of compliance programs and continuous risk assessment of operations;
  • International dialogue with the main gaming market jurisdictions in the world, aiming to add value to our clients' businesses.

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