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Good contracts are at the heart of any successful business.

Bearing this premise in mind, the team of Carlezzo Advogados analyses the real needs of each client, measuring the risks of each operation and seeking to predict the greatest number of hypotheses that may affect the contractual relationship.

In this context, we serve a wide range of interests related to athletes, clubs, agents, investors, companies, federations, confederations, associations, among other individuals and entities that operate in the sports market.

In the sports betting industry, we are also positioned to plan, negotiate and draft agreements that guarantee safe operations.

The technological sector and its interaction with sport broadens the horizon of traditional contracts, demanding from professionals a broad understanding of the digital world, the nature of transactions and their trends.

This diversity of clients enables the firm to plan and advise negotiations through the elaboration of agreements analyzed from different angles, allowing the perception of all the risks inherent to the transactions.

Carlezzo Advogados can advise on the negotiation of a wide variety of contracts, worth mentioning:

  • Employment contract for a professional athlete
  • Athlete’s training contract
  • Contracts for permanent or temporary transfer of athletes
  • Player agency and intermediation contract
  • Image rights contract
  • Sponsorship agreement
  • Media contracts for the assignment of audiovisual rights to sports events
  • Naming rights contracts for arenas and stadiums
  • Licensing agreement for the use of trademarks and symbols
  • Investment contract
  • Technology transfer contracts


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