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Our history

Where it all began

Carlezzo Advogados was founded in 2004, in the city of São Paulo, with the purpose of filling the legal gaps in the sports market by that time and offering highly specialized advice in the area of Sports Law to all participants in the sports industry, with special emphasis at Football.

Since our first steps, we have sought to be a reference in our area of expertise and offer specialized legal advice as an instrument for the development and success of any business or sports project. Always focusing on the interests of our clients, we have been gaining space and participating in complex and sensitive operations, which gave us experience and credibility in the sports market during the time.

What have we done

Football, due to the indisputable importance that Brazil and South America have on the international scene, receives special attention from the firm, which is prepared to advise all the players in this segment, whether they are athletes, clubs, agents, federations, investors, sponsors, media groups, etc.

The international sporting mega-events that passed through Brazil (Olympic Games and World Cup) were not left out of the office's scope, which advised important Olympic federations and committees on matters related to their organization.

With a large part of our activities and services focused on the international market, we stand out for acting before international federations and entities, especially before the Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA), Conmebol and Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS).

Since our founding, we have carried on the experience of assisting countless transfers of athletes and managing hundreds of sporting cases before international federations and arbitration courts, as well as advising players from various national teams and some of the main football clubs on the planet.

This international reach and articulation took us to Chile for the first time in 2007, and in 2020, due to the large number of local customers, we established a base in the country.

Where we are going

We cannot stop. We do not be satisfied easily. We are always looking at the evolution of technology and changes in the sports consumer market, to understand its impacts on the sports and entertainment market, the trends of these businesses and their consequences in the legal world.

For these reasons, over time we have added new services and areas of activity that are in line with the main business trends and, above all, have a connection with sport.

This sports connection has taken us into the world of electronic sports and the sports betting industry. And because of this, the technology market focused on sports.

For us, the sky is the limit. We continue to constantly improve and constantly seek perfection. The specialty of the markets in which we operate and the services we propose to provide enable us to offer a legal service of great value and enormous practical relevance, based on the evolution of the world and technology.

What to expect from us


Basic principle that governs the work at the office, quality must be present in all of our operational activities, either administrative or legal.


We do not give up until our clients are satisfied with our work. Regardless of how complex the case at hand is, it is important to us that the client is fully aware of what is being done and is satisfied with our services in the end.


Being aware of daily news, legislative changes, the markets we serve, the development of the economy and new business opportunities that may arise is a key element of our services.

International Scope

We are concerned in making legal services available to our clients in different jurisdictions through the cooperation we have with offices in dozens of countries. Thus, when an international demand arises, in case we can not meet it due to lack of legal authorization to work in that country, we have strategic partners able to undertake the matter.

Long Term

We strive every day to provide solutions that are not only useful in the short term, but that can also serve clients in the long term.


We respect the specificities of our clients and we know that each one deserves an absolutely individualized analysis of their case.

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International Reach

Reasons to be Globalized

Since its establishment in 2004, one of the main concerns of Carlezzo Advogados has been to build a network of contacts and partnerships in many countries across the world that would be able to boost its activities and, foremost, add value to the services provided to our clients. This gradual and continuous work enabled the creation and establishment of partnerships with law firms of all South American countries, in the USA and in the main countries of Europe and Asia.

The current economical and corporate landscape demands from sports managers and stakeholders a global strategy, so that their activities and businesses can be planned in different environments, jurisdictions and adversities. In attention to these demands, the firm provides its clients with complete and integrated services in the international scenario through independent alliances with law firms located abroad.

International Reach

Carlezzo Advogados is a member of Rex Sport, an international association of law firms acting in sport with members in over 20 countries, ensuring to their clients specialized legal advice in all corners of the globe. Some of the associated firms are located in China, England, France, Germany, Greece, Israel, Italy, Norway, Portugal, Qatar, Spain, Switzerland, Mexico and USA.

In addition, we have individual cooperation agreements with law firms in Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Uruguay, the United Arab Emirates, Macau, Malta, Hong Kong and Singapore.

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