• Sports Justice

We have the experience of having acted in some of the most relevant disciplinary cases in South American football.

Within the scope of disciplinary matters in sport, Carlezzo Advogados acts on behalf of its clients both nationally and internationally.

Locally, the firm works in front of the sports justice courts of the different sports, especially in football, and it is worth highlighting the performance before the STJD (Superior Court of Sports Justice).

At the international level, the firm represents clubs and players involved in international competitions, working in front of Conmebol courts in relation to disciplinary issues arising from the Copa Libertadores and Sulamerica.

Still in the international context, we advise clients on their complaints and defenses before the FIFA Disciplinary Committee, where we represent clubs, athletes, officers and federations, and it is worth highlighting our performance on behalf of national federations during the World Cup Qualifiers 2018 in disciplinary procedures derived from homophobic chants.


Rodrigo Marrubia Pereira

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