• Athletes

Athletes, like clubs, are fundamental pillars of sports practice. Without them there is no show.

Considering that athletes must be calm and well represented in order to develop their sports activities, it is essential to have specialized legal advice in order to provide security for the development of an athlete's career.

It is with this philosophy that Carlezzo Advogados develops its consultancy with athletes, seeking to remove as many legal risks as possible that may harm the development of their career.

Among the services provided are:

  • Advice on business transactions with football clubs and sponsors
  • Elaboration of image and sponsorship contracts
  • Assistance in negotiating and concluding agency contracts with players' intermediaries
  • Advice on national and international transfers
  • Representation and monitoring of legal procedures aimed at terminating contracts and releasing sports bonds
  • Representation in procedures and complaints before CBF, Conmebol, FIFA and other national federations and continental confederations
  • Representation in procedures and complaints before national and international arbitration courts
  • Legal audit aiming to analyze all the contracts signed by the athlete up to that moment, in addition to the analysis of trademark registrations, disciplinary proceedings, insurance against injuries or permanent disability, investments, among other aspects. This legal audit will make it possible to determine any existing problems and carry out legal planning of the athlete's career.

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