• Companies and Investors

The sports industry is one of the sectors that is most able to offer visibility to companies that aim to associate themselves with the brand of an athlete, club or federation.

Sports sponsorships are the main mechanism for giving visibility to this relationship and can be carried out in a number of ways, both by traditional association with a club shirt, and for more complex businesses involving the naming rights of a stadium, for example.

In addition, sport also provides companies and investors with a segment with a good return potential when it comes to making long-term investments that include, for example, the management or acquisition of a football club.

In the financial market there are investment funds whose objective is the acquisition of credit rights from football clubs linked to sponsorship or television contracts.

In this business context that allows numerous forms of association or investment in sports, Carlezzo Advogados is able to advise companies on matters such as:

  • Contract for the assignment and use of image rights

  • Sponsorship agreement with athletes, clubs and federations

  • Television rights assignment contract for sports shows

  • Naming rights contract for arenas and stadiums

  • Licensing agreement for the use of trademarks and symbols

  • Investment contract for clubs and athletes

  • Contract for assignment of credit rights derived from sports business

  • Businesses related to stadiums and arena management

  • Constitution of investment funds

  • Acquisition of football clubs

  • Structuring of special operations and projects in the sports area

  • Prevention of ambush marketing

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