• Football Clubs

Carlezzo Advogados is recognized inside and outside Brazil as one of the most active offices in advising football clubs, whether they are competing for state divisions or continental competitions.

The experience acquired over the years in advising clubs enables the firm to deal with topics in a very objective and practical way, streamlining the time invested in advising and producing faster and more effective results.

Among the services we highlight:

  • Assistance in negotiating and drafting a professional athlete's employment contract and an athlete training contract
  • Assistance in national and international transfers of athletes and in the formalization of a permanent or temporary transfer contract
  • Contract for the assignment and use of image rights, sponsorship, assignment of television rights for sports shows, naming rights for arenas and stadiums and licensing for the use of brands and symbols
  • Collection of training compensation and solidarity mechanism
  • Representation and monitoring of legal procedures aimed at terminating contracts and releasing a sports bond
  • Representation in procedures and complaints before CBF, Conmebol, FIFA and other national federations and continental confederations
  • Representation in procedures and complaints before national and international arbitration courts
  • Advice on procedures related to compliance with rules regarding club licensing and financial fair play
  • Review of bylaws, corporate reorganization and creation of sports business companies for the management of football

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