Atlético-MG (“Galo”) receives condemnation from FIFA to pay R$ 3.1 million to Dudamel; appeal is still possible.

Decision can still be discussed in new instances; “Galo” seeks replacement for Sampaoli, who was the successor of the Venezuelan coach, of only 10 matches under the command of the team.

In early February, Atlético-MG received the decision from Fifa to settle a debt of R$ 3.155.117,19 to coach Rafael Dudamel, who was briefly in Belo Horizonte between January and February 2020. The dismissal of the coach will complete a year on Saturday. He initiated a procedure in front of the top football organization (FIFA) in August last year. “Galo” may still appeal to discuss the amounts, or even find a friendly solution with the former commander.

The ge confirmed FIFA's decision with Atlético and also with Dudamel's representative, lawyer Eduardo Carlezzo. The "Players' Status Committee" "partially" accepted Dudamel's requests and issued the decision on February 1st, 2021. “Galo” has 30 days to pay the debt, from the date on which Rafael Dudamel informs the bank details to the club.

The amounts are R$ 395 thousand referring to "outstanding remuneration", and R$ 2.7 million as "indemnity for breach of contract without just cause". In both cases there is incidence of interest of 5% per year, from March 1st, 2020 on outstanding remuneration, and August 5th, 2020 on the fine for dismissal. Dudamel's unsuccessful request refers to the start date of interest.

Atletico's advisor said that the club's legal department prefers not to speak out, as it is still an ongoing situation in court. The report found that a friendly settlement was attempted, but still without success.

Dudamel's representative in the lawsuit, from Carlezzo Advogados law office, told the report that he expects the club to make the payment within the established deadline, considering all the financial capacity for hiring new athletes that Atlético has shown.

The club, which has a financial contribution from entrepreneurs/advisors, recently acquired Nacho Fernández from River Plate, in undisclosed amounts, but which revolve in US$ 6 million (R$ 32 million), in addition to exercising the right to acquire Hyoran from Palmeiras for R$ 7.5 million. 

Dudamel was dismissed with 22 months remaining until the end of the contract, after being eliminated by Afogados da Ingazeira in the Copa do Brasil, on February 27th, 2020. He was available for some time on the market and today heads the team of Universidad de Chile.

If Atlético does not pay the debt within the specified period (30 days), FIFA's Disciplinary Committee, which is also part of the institution's "legal body", will analyze the case. There is a risk of a fine and penalty of "transfer ban", that is, impediment of registration of new players of “Galo”. The club, however, has the right to appeal to the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) in Switzerland.

Atletico's new board of directors, with the rise of Sérgio Coelho to the presidency, has already paid off historic debts at Fifa, such as, for example, ending the long discussion with Udinese, which debts from the transfers of Maicosuel and Douglas Santos. There were also labor agreements to end disputes with Robinho and Elias, former players of the club.

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