Huachipato signs sale of Soteldo, and Santos should officially leave for Toronto FC | saints

Huachipato, from Chile, accepted the proposal from Toronto FC, from Canada, by striker Soteldo.

The sale, now, depends only on the subscription of the Santos.

To the give, lawyer Eduardo Carlezzo, who represents Huachipato, revealed that the Chilean club has already signed the transfer documents.

– Throughout the night of yesterday and early morning we were in permanent negotiation with all parties involved in the transfer and a general agreement was reached, with all documents already duly signed by Huachipato – said Eduardo Carlezzo.

Huachipato’s signature was essential for the business to unfold. Initially, Chileans were not excited about the values ​​offered by Toronto FC, but in recent days they decided to accept the proposal to sell 25% of the player’s economic rights.

The Canadian club offered US $ 6 million (almost R $ 33.1 million) to remove Soteldo from Santos. There are US $ 4 million (R $ 22.1 million) for 50% of the economic rights that belong to Peixe and US $ 2 million (R $ 11 million) for 25% that are from Huachipato, from Chile, the former club of attacker.

This Friday, given Soteldo’s willingness to be negotiated, talks between the parties had advanced a lot. The player’s businessmen waived the commission they would receive for the transfer, and Huachipato was convinced to accept the proposal.

Understand the negotiation that should take Soteldo do Santos:

Santos, who did not pay for the purchase of Soteldo in 2019, wants to end the debt of just over US $ 3.5 million with Huachipato in order to be able to sign players again, getting rid of FIFA’s “transfer ban”. Thus, practically all the money from the attacker’s sale will go to the Chileans.

Amid the progress of negotiations and out of the match against Novorizontino, Soteldo published a video on Instagram this Friday listening to a song that said: “go in peace, brother, stay with God. I know that one day I will find you (…) “. The attacker used sad dolls in the video recorded in the port region of Santos, inside a car.

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